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Stem Mix and Master

ICON Studio's Mixing & Mastering service includes mixing and mastering of instrumental stems plus vocal stems.


Mixing is the creative process of combining all the different elements of a song together in a way that makes the song sound like a cohesive piece of music. This requires us to have separate .wav files for each track that makes up the song (i.e. lead vocal, background vocal, kick, snare, hi hats, etc.)


After mixing is completed, mastering is the last step before a song is finished. Mastering adds the final polish that makes a song sound louder, more crisp, and translate well on any type of playback system. After mastering is finished, your song will be at its full potential.


Our mixing and mastering package offers the best of both worlds! After mixing and mastering, your song will be able to compete with the quality of major record labels and industry leading music.

Stem Mix and Master

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